Superlambananas Fun

Aintree University Hospital owns a number of Superlambananas and Penguins, many of which are situated throughout the Hospital.  We often loan them out to care homes, nurseries and areas of the hospital when requested and they are used to promote various events throughout the Hospital. PARTIA have run a number of competitions in the past with the chance to design one of the lambs or penguins within the Hospital.


Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods, Fazakerly is an NHS Forest project which is created, supported and used by Aintree University NHS Trust hospital - a large teaching hospital providing accident and emergency services in Liverpool and Altcourse Prison.

This site joined the NHS Forest in 2014, and features a five hectare woodland currently being improved by volunteers.  The site is sandwiched between Aintree University NHS Trust Hospital and Altcourse Prison and forms part of the Communities Fazakerley Woods and Fields Nature Reserve. It is a vital part of the Liverpool green spaces mosaic and forms a link with other open spaces and it lies within the designation of the Fazakerley Ecology Park complex and forms a crucial part of the Park’s green infrastructure.

Natural England provided a grant which enabled the path to be upgraded in 2014 to an all-weather path. This has been welcomed by hospital staff / visitors / patients / local residents who are now provided with easier access to the woodland.

Ward Entertainment

PARTIA offers a variety of different ward activities such as water colour painting, simple dance routines, and singing on wards amongst other activities. Entertainment is designed specifically for the patients on the ward in order to engage with patients, staff and visitors.

Projects such as Arts Loco have been carried out by Liverpool John Moores University students and other volunteers who carry out 60’s themed ward activities dressed in wigs and 60’s clothing, with vinyl’s for patients to enjoy.

Relatives’ Rooms

The Relatives Rooms serve two purposes: to provide a private space where staff can talk to families with a calming atmosphere and to give family members a place to go when they need rest and respite.

The environment should not leave distorted memories of the place the news is received or of the person sharing the difficult news.

By focussing on colour, lighting, music and art in each space, the Relatives Rooms Project aims to provide a safe haven in which relatives can digest what they are being told and give them the time and space to formulate the questions they will need to ask at this difficult and distressing time.

Art Exhibitions

Unlike a traditional gallery space PARTIA welcomes a variety of work from established and emerging artists and, as we are a hospital, we also receive more footfall than many galleries (350,000 people walk through our hospital every year).