Our next case study is the social media team from Chester University! Jon Kelly, Kourtney Alston, Joel Lampkin and Michael O'Neill all worked very hard to increase awareness of PARTIA and promote all activities that were happening during the placement. They made sure that no event went unadvertised and reached over 5000 people with their posts. We are extremely grateful for their hard work, and wish the team every success!!

Our second case study of today is for the Chester University film & media students! Our three students this year took on a variety of projects; Ellie Tamsons and Thomas Georgeson working together on student based projects such as filming the Flashmob and conducting interviews with students about their PARTIA experience. Jake Parnell, our final student, worked on the “10 years of PARTIA” project, which involved finding all our previous videos (which is no mean feat!) and collating them in celebration of PARTIA's 10th birthday! All three students worked extremely hard to complete their projects, and proved that they could work well as a team as well as individually. We thank themand wish them success as they enter their final year of undergraduate study!

Case study 14 is our Bluebell Woods team of the year! Featuring Alannah Jackson, Chloe Heery, Gareth Howatson and Jordan Searl from Chester University, as well as Jamie Watt from LJMU, our Bluebell Woods team created and ran a fantastic campaign to get more people walking in the woods. They were hugely dedicated to the project, leading walks through the woods every day and advertising across multiple platforms. Each student brought a different dynamic to the project and together made a superb team. They also helped out clearing away the invasive plants in the woods, making the paths easier to follow. We hope our next Bluebell Woods team are as efficient and driven as these guys were!

Today's first case study is Paige Williams!

Joining us from LJMU in February, Paige has planned and hosted two spectacular events during her placement, including an experiential day on Ward 19 and a Street Party event outside Aintree Lodge. Both events took a lot of planning and dedication, which is where Paige excelled. She left no stone unturned and also showed that she can work both individually and as part of a team to get the job done. The events will be long remembered and we know Paige got as much out of the placement as she put in (and she put in 100%).

Thank you Paige, and good luck!

Our next case study is Matthew Needham!

Matt came to us as social media manager, but over time he also took on the role of financial advisor, giving him an opportunity to demonstrate the wide skillset he has. Matt helped PARTIA to regain control over all the budgets, which is of vital importance as we need to know how much money we can spend as we continue to improve the patient experience by any means possible. Matt also helped to increase our social media presence and we gained a large number of page views and likes during this placement.

Renowned also for his chicken and rice lunches and his fondness for binning things, Matt has made a huge contribution to PARTIA and we wish him every success!

Our eleventh case study is Kate Kennedy, another of our arty students from this years cohort! Kate has proven to be a dedicated and enthusiastic member of PARTIA, using her ability to work as part of a team as well as individually. Thanks to Kate we now have an easily accessible art database on the wall and have been in touch with all artists from a previous exhibition regarding their work.

Never one to rest until the job was done, Kate has been a strong asset to our team this year and other students will be able to use the framework she laid down. Have a very successful future Kate!

Our tenth case study is Laura Chafer, an extremely hardworking and valuable member of the team. This was Laura's third time here at PARTIA, and she was an asset from the beginning. This palcement included working on our new art database and painting an amazing mural for Ward 33 representing the four seasons.

Each time Laura has been here she has added to both her skillset and PARTIA's value, and we wish her every success in the future!

Case study 8 and 9 are dedicated to two students who came to PARTIA from different universities and formed a superb team!

Grace Thorp (LJMU) and Megan Jeffers (Chester) both came looking to work on our summer events and did a fantastic job fundraising, advertising and organising the raffle amongst other things.

The Street Party would not have been such a huge success without their efforts, and we want to say a massive thank you for the dedication and hard work shown by Grace and Megan! 

Our two case studies this morning are two of our most recent LJMU students, it's Ellie and Ellie!

Ellie Hoskins and Ellie Setford joined us from May until June, bringing an array of talent with them. Ellie Hoskins is an extremely talented artist who has given us a new door design and a huge mural for the A&E department amongst other things. Ellie Setford managed all of our media and comms outlets for several weeks, promoting our exciting events and raising awareness of PARTIA both in and out of the hospital. They will both move on from PARTIA knowing that they made a positive impact and we are very grateful for all the hard work!!!

Our fifth case study is a special remembrance case study!

Jade Chan first joined PARTIA in October 2015 as part of the Arts Loco project, delivering art activities to patients. However Jade loved PARTIA so much that she returned to volunteer for an extended period of time, engaging in numerous projects. With her sparkling personality and can-do attitude, Jade has made a huge difference to PARTIA and we miss her very much, hoping she continues to be successful in every venture.