We have had some fantastic photos of Bluebell Woods. They really capture the beauty of the woods and the animals that live there. 

Congratulations to the winner, Ian Knight, with a photo of a Great Spotted Woodpecker. 

Thanks to everyone who entered!



The ‘Through the Kaleidoscope’ art exhibition opening was a huge success. Those who attended took the opportunity to talk to the artists about their work and where they find their inspiration. The exhibition will run from 17th January for a minimum of 6 months. The art work can be found in Aintree Lodge Foyer, ground floor phase 2 corridor, first floor phase 2 corridor and executive corridor. Many thanks to all who attended.

For enquiries about prices of all the art work, contact us; ; 0151 529 848

The A&E x-ray waiting room will be undergoing some changes from our new interns. From a blank canvas, to a work of art!

The idea behind it is to provide a positive distraction for patients and enhance the hospital environment for all.

Check out the progress as it happens, right here.

Take a walk through our beautiful woodland and see if you can capture the perfect shot.

There is a vast array of mammals, birds, plants and trees for you to discover. The most creative and beautiful shot will be displayed around the hospital for all to see!

Submit your entries to by Wednesday 31st January.

If you have a passion for arts and want to join a fast and fun environment where you’ll learn real skills, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 At the moment we are looking for more volunteers to work in:


  • Ward Activity Co-ordinators
  • Ward Performers Singers/ Dancers/ Musicians
  • Artists in residence
  • Exhibition Co-ordinators
  • Superlamb & Penguin Herders (Artists/Painters)
  • Research, Arts in Health


  • Audit
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

Communications and Media

  • Photographers
  • Social Media
  • Videographers
  • Journalism

If you wish to hear more, contact us at

We hope to hear from you!


'Friends of Bluebell Woods'  have recently applied to Aviva Insurance for funding for new signage for the woods and additional tools for our group.

The funding relies on community votes to be successful so we are looking for as many votes as possible.

To vote :-

Go to the AVIVA community funding website :-


Search for Bluebell Woods

Vote for our project ‘Woodland Improvement’ (You can have 10 votes).

Voting is open from 9.00am Oct 24th to noon on Nov 21st 2017.

(You can unregister afterwards if you want)

Pease support us with you votes and ask anyone else you know who might help!


Partia took part in Westmoreland GP Surgery Fun Day on 23 Sept 2017 at which we promoted Bluebell Woods and canvassed for volunteers to help in PARTIA.

The superlambananas we took along proved popular with the kids and they submitted designs for future superlambananas which are attached.

Case study number 18 goes to Charles Hallett of Chester University! A real team player, Charles had a hand in completing a many number of projects including painting superlambananas and taking part in activities with the patients. Charles also took on the honoured role of Superlambanana and Penguin herder, and created an easily accessible system for us to keep track of the locations of our amazing sculptures. Live life to the full Charles, thank you for your effort and hard work!

Another new case study!

This one is for the administration support team from Chester University! Aimee Baker and Joe Ravenall worked very hard both as a team and individually to successfully monitor and update all admin files. This included our now extensive student database and a brand new art database. They also made sure that all students were keeping their reflective journals and timesheets up to date. Aimee and Joe were two memorable students for PARTIA, and the placement would not have been the same without them. Thanks guys, and good luck!